Most of the avid Apple users use their devices for almost every work. With your Apple device, you can even print from your printer from a different room without the hassle of walking.

 And, whether you are an old user or a new one, it is always good to know more about your devices.

You can easily connect and print from your printer using your iPad with the help of AirPrint. But some printer models are not compatible with Airprint. It is when we came into the scene to help you out!

In this article, we will introduce numerous methods to connect your iPad to your printer without AirPrint.  But before it lets know, what is Airprint?

Airprint is a protocol created by Apple so that iPad users can easily print from their device. If you know that your printer is not compatible with Airprinter then read this article and knows more possible ways.

One more important thing to remember is – iPad or iPhone supports only wireless printers. They are not able to work with wired printers.

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Solution 1: Use another App Compatible with your Printer –

There are many apps you can download to print your documents using an iPad. You have to download the app associated with the printer. You can download a free or paid app at your convenience. Follow the steps:

  • You have to open the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Switch on your printer’s Wi-Fi.
  • Open the settings and hit the Wi-Fi tab.
  • Find the option under CHOOSE A NETWORK and press it.
  • Now select the document or image you want to print and press the share icon.

You will be able to connect the printer now.

Use USB to print from a phone or tablet without a wireless connection –

The simplest way to print from iPad using a printer that can’t connect wirelessly is to use a piece of hardware as the go-between.

  • Take a USB flash drive with OTG capabilities.
  • Make sure you also have an Apple lightening adapter.
  • Plug the device into your iPad.
  • Drop the files which you want to print.
  • Connect to your printer using USB connector.

We assume you have now complete knowledge how to connect iPad to print from your printer without using Airprint app.

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